About us

Since its foundation in 2009, PV POWER member of Solek Group, with headquarters in the Czech Republic, has been one of the leading EPC contractors in the field of construction of photovoltaic power plants. During our existence we have realized dozens of photovoltaic construction projects. We are active on markets in Central and Eastern Europe and Chile.

Our many years of experience allow us to find a suitable combination of technological possibilities and commercial requirements. We continuously analyze all opportunities in order to be able to provide our customers with the best possible solutions. 

On 5 June the Solek Group took over a 100% share in its long-term partner, PV Power. A stronger position throughout a whole chain of services – from finance, through development, engineering, construction, to administration and business.


Our services

PV POWER member of Solek Group is one of the leading EPC contractors in the field of construction of photovoltaic power plant in the Czech Republic. It provides all services in the field of development, designing & engineering, construction, post-development and following operation and management of photovoltaic power plants.
We focus on complex preparation and realization of photovoltaic investment projects. We secure the whole process starting from the project, organizational and legal preparation up to license and administration proceedings and subsequent provision of operation and maintenance services. Our advantage in comparison with competitors is our practical experience with the construction, operation and management of photovoltaic power stations. Our realization of investments stems from concrete experience and we guarantee reliable, fast and efficient solutions without any risks.

PV Power offers four types of services:


  • The key element for realization of a photovoltaic power station project is accurate and complex information. The developing process is often based on incomplete or even incorrect information. This then leads to delayed realization of the project or increase of overall costs. The pre-project preparation is therefore key for future operation of the project. We have full control of this process thanks to our internal specialists who have rich experience in the field of renewable energy power station development on an international scale.


  • We provide our clients with a wide range of engineering services, as well as all levels of project documentation, studies, local surveys and surveys. Our services also include realization of tenders, license and permit proceedings, construction management, commissioning of the work and related post-development.


  • Entrust the whole power station construction to our hands and secure the most profitable investment with a minimum risk. The construction is prepared and realized without unnecessary intermediaries, quickly and under advantageous financial conditions with reliable guarantee for the investor.


  • The advantage of photovoltaic power stations is the ability to relatively accurately estimate the electricity production thanks to stable natural conditions. On the other hand, this fact leads to the necessity to utilize this potential without any losses, as the production cannot be increased in exceptional situations or to compensate for possible outages. PV POWER focuses on complex operation and management of photovoltaic power stations and helps prevent losses and outages.

“We design, build and operate photovoltaic power plants.”